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Whilst lecturing at Malaysia University for Science and Technology, David Bobker saw the need for a learning support system which would automatically generate questions, mark the student answers and collate the results. This allows a lecturer to avoid all the tedious admin associated with the job and concentrate on helping students. LDS (Learning Delivery System) was born out of that idea in the classroom and has so far been successfully used by around 120 students. But with his extensive experience of programming applications and delivering training for the financial sector, Dr Bobker immediately realised the potential of the platform he created and is now applying it in multiple fields.

To extend the usage of the system to allow many more users and practitioners to benefit from the system. Such a strong and versatile platform can be extended to any type of vocational training including professional training, retail, manufacturing, medicine - in fact anywhere there are exams, the LDS can help people to pass. Maiasoft LDS works by "learning by doing".

There are broad benefits:higher pass rates, better trained workforce and better return on the HR investment. Not to mention the personal benefits to individuals who are better able to work for, and pass their exams.
But the "learn by doing" approach is not only more effective, the platform also incorporates "e-learning" features based on templates which allow preparation of learning material at a fraction of the usual cost. So in addition to more effective, targetted training, learning departments will find the preparation time of new modules is massively reduced using this technology. But that is not all, "Precision Training" allows not just assessment testing but also monitoring, measuring and responding to the level of knowledge in the workforce. Ultimately entire sectors will benefit.

How it works

Each question is linked to MULTIMEDIA EXPLANATION.
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A car is new at the beginning of a calendar year. The time, in years, before the car experiences its first failure is exponentially distributed with
mean 2.
The probability that the car experiences its first failure in the last quarter of some calendar year.

WITH MR. DigiData

Do the same thing to both sides of the equation – do not “take to the other side”
Gather all the x’s on one side and the numbers on the other
A simple division gives the answer.
CHECK YOUR ANSWER: substitute your answer into the LHS and RHS to check if they are both the same.
Subtract 5 from both sides
Divide by 3
Substitute your value for x into the equation.
If x=1 then the LHS=3x+5=3*1+5=3+5=8
RHS =8
So LHS=RHS and the check is complete
Substitute your value for x into the equation.
If x=1 then the LHS=3x+5=3*1+5=3+5=8
RHS =8
So LHS=RHS and the check is complete


Multimedia Explanation Templates

Auto-generated question banks
for problems and calculations

Innovative approach to Micro-Learning

Easily uploadable content for trainers or lecturers

Assessment tests are different for each leaerner making cheating almost impossible

Full range of monitoring statistics to allow overview of group progress.

Fast and User Friendly

Out of the box product: You will not need to have any technical skills; any user can be up and running on LDS within minutes

Designed to be as fast on mobile and tablet as on laptop

Intuitive approach for supervisors, professionals and vocational boards

A MUST have toolkit to set up, monitor, mark and pass any type of exam!

Scalable and Flexible

Ground breaking algorithms to deliver auto-generated questions and thus infinite practice questions for users.

A fully scaleable product taking advantage of cloud computing to expand easily with increasing numbers of users

Crucially, as web applications demand, care has been taken in the architecture to ensure low response times.


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The Team

Dr David Bobker M.A.DPhil ACA FRM

Maria Pellegrini
Bsc Msc

Chief Executive

Creative Director

David Bobker has a DPhil in Mathematics from Oxford University, UK and is a qualified UK Chartered Accountant and also a GARP qualified Financial Risk Manager. He has had senior roles in banking and insurance and has been a management trainer and consultant since 2001, more latterly becoming a university lecturer and software developer.

Maria Pellegrini, graduated in geology, gained a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences (University of London) and a diploma in mapping technology (University of Notthingham). Over the last 20 years she has been a developer and programmer/consultant both in the geotechnical, utility and local authorithy sectors. She has also four years experience as editor in chief of a British technical magazine.

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